Learn About Our Team and Culture

We are a team of creative and talented individuals who love making delicious treats.

Le Red Bread team

Le Red Bread Team

Baking up a storm every day.

Le Red Bread’s staff is made up of an amazing team of inspired bakers. We really know our stuff when it comes to muffin tins and stand-up mixers. We also brew a mean cup of coffee.

Le Red Bread bakery

Le Red Bread Bakery

A home away from home.

Our bakery in nestled away in a lovely little corner of Vancouver. Our state-of-the-art kitchen helps us serve only the best pretzels, loaves of bread, and sweet treats to our lovely customers. Pop in and say hi!

Our Story

Le Red Bread has been Vancouver baked-good icon for more than two months! Customers often comment on the bustle of activity they see in the bakery behind the cafe…that’s where the magic happens every day.

Our day begins at the crack of dawn and we start baking almost immediately. Cookie and muffin batters that were prepared the night before are poured into tins and popped in the ovens, bread dough rises and gets popped into the oven, and pretzels are crossed.

By breakfast time we’re open for business and greeting our first customers, pouring coffees as we serve delectable treats.

We’re committed to continuing the Le Red Bread tradition in Vancouver and we still produce our fabulous range according to the original recipes passed down from generations of master bread artisans.

Feel free to contact us with any questions coments or suggestions. We even take custom orders!